Key Steps in Keeping Your Rental in Pristine Condition

A rental property is a huge investment. It is something that absolutely deserves the proper care and treatment to ensure the owner can benefit from the investment for years to come. When we manage a rental property, we take several steps to ensure the rental units stay in pristine condition. As the property manager, it is our job to protect your property. Here’s how we do it:

First, we screen our tenants. Every tenant that we rent to has to first go through a detailed screening process. Our screening process includes a full credit & background check, income evaluation, previous & current landlord verification, and more to ensure we are placing the best possible tenants in your property! We know the key to a successful rental starts at the beginning with the most qualified tenants.

Second, we perform property inspections. Our team of trained inspectors will perform consistent inspections at your property on a quarterly basis. They focus on the condition of the property, maintenance & safety issues, and preventing lease violations. We know that as your property manager, we're your eyes and ears on the rental, which is why these inspections include detailed reporting & photos to the owner every single time. We will perform 2 in-home inspections annually and 2 drive-by inspections annually.

Third, we take care of maintenance and repairs. We focus on the big and little things so our owners don't have to. Tenant maintenance requests are addressed and processed timely, as we understand the correlation between maintenance issue resolution and tenant retention. At Red Rock Property Management, we ensure transparent billing, vendor relationship discounts, and a 24/7 on-call emergency line for issues that need immediate attention.

At Red Rock Property Management, we make sure that we continually meet your standards of care and deliver on all of our owner promises. Let us save you the time and headache, so that you can start to receive passive income.

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