Inspection Steps That a Great Property Manager Takes

Property inspections are a crucial part of ensuring the integrity and quality of a rental unit are maintained. These are the steps a property manager should take in order to provide successful and useful inspections.

Property inspections are a crucial part of ensuring the integrity and quality of a rental unit are maintained. Inspections serve several purposes; they can identify maintenance issues and/or property damages so that they can be fixed and resolved quickly, they can show whether or not a tenant is adhering to the set lease agreements, and lastly, they show a tenant the level of care that is expected of them during their rental period. 

To conduct successful and useful inspections, a property manager should be sure to do all of the following steps:

  1. In-Home Inspections – These types of inspections are the most critical as they give an inspector direct access to the inside of a rental unit. This is where damages can be noted, some lease violations can be observed, and the condition of the interior can be seen and actions can be taken accordingly. Red Rock Property Management performs two in-home inspections annually for every rental we manage. 
  2. Drive-By Inspections – Drive-by inspections get a less in-depth look at the rental unit but still serve an important role in the inspection process. Drive-by inspections can be done at any time, thus ensuring a genuine look at how the rental unit is being utilized on a day-to-day basis. Structural conditions can be observed, as well as yard maintenance and other aspects of the property that require the tenant’s care. Additionally, it is helpful to note any excess vehicles at the property and if any parking violations are occurring. Red Rock Property Management performs two drive-by inspections annually for every rental we manage.
  3. Detailed Reports – An in-depth report is absolutely critical when it comes to rental inspections. Without specifics recorded accurately, it can be difficult to decipher what small wear-and-tears are due to the current tenants, and what’s been carried over from previous occupants. That is precisely why we at Red Rock Property Management take photographs and create detailed, accurate reports so that every aspect of a rental property is given the attention it deserves. We also ensure that these reports are shared with the owner every time, in order to act as their eyes and ears on their rental property. 

Whether you are currently dealing with a management company that isn’t performing a detailed inspection, or if you’re having to conduct inspections on your own time and need help, visit our website here. We are happy to discuss how our inspection process works and answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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