How to Find the Best Tenants For Your Rental

One of the biggest challenges a property owner faces is finding good quality tenants. We're here to help you find, screen, and place the best tenants in your rental property! Here's how we do it.

We’ve all heard the tales of how tenant/landlord relationships can sour and what that can ultimately mean for the property owner. It’s of utmost importance to ensure that your property is protected and that both you, the property owner, and your tenant can maintain a happy, professional relationship. Thankfully there are steps that can be taken to ensure you find the very best tenant for you and your rental. With these easy steps in mind and at use, you’ll find yourself happily renting out a unit and having time to pursue your other endeavors and passions!

First, it is imperative that you know how to properly market your rental. A key step in finding tenants is, of course, getting your property seen. With masterful staging, professional advertising, and a marketing strategy that is uniquely successful, we at Red Rock Property Management make this part easy for you. With an ever-changing, fast-paced housing market, we keep up by having weekly management meetings to evaluate the effectiveness of our marketing efforts. This ensures we are continually growing and adapting to help your property meet the needs of an increasingly competitive market.

Second, it is crucial to screen potential tenants. Many rental issues can be avoided by ensuring beforehand that your tenant is suitable for your property. At Red Rock Property Management, we utilize effective screening practices that allow us to acquire excellent tenants for every vacant property we serve. These practices include running a full credit and background check, evaluating their debt to income ratio, contacting previous landlords for rental history, and verifying employment and income.

Lastly, to ensure long-term tenant retention, maintaining your property is a must. In order to adequately maintain your property, our team takes measures to make both you and your tenant content and happy with the property arrangements. We do this by conducting quarterly inspections––checking for damage, lease violations, leaks, appliance/fixture malfunctions, cleanliness issues, property security, and more. We also provide tenants with a secure 24-hour emergency phone line that allows them to make us aware of issues that need immediate attention. There is an undeniable correlation between maintenance issue resolution and tenant retention. For that reason, Red Rock Property Management gives the tenant peace of mind in knowing their needs will always be met in a timely manner. This encourages a healthy relationship between tenants and the property owner as the tenant is free to fully trust in their property management company.

Finding great tenants for your rental is possible when all of the correct steps are taken. Thankfully, we at Red Rock Property Management are well-versed, practiced, and skilled in the task of finding suitable tenants for all of the properties we manage.

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