How to Find the Best Property Management Company For You

Navigating the property management world can be tricky –– especially when it’s your first time finding a property manager for your rental property. Because we are dedicated to focusing directly on the owner experience, we have a few tips on what should be looking for in a property management company.

1. How do they treat your tenants?

A quality property management company should know tenant retention is of extreme importance. When you find great tenants and can retain them, it ultimately aids in protecting your property, maintaining a rental income you can count on, and being successful as a property owner. At Red Rock Property Management, we take tenant retention very seriously. Through our dedicated customer service efforts, we utilize tenant surveys to assess their needs and satisfaction, provide 24-hour emergency responses, and provide a local team of employees available to assist clients.

2. What do their reviews say about them from previous owners?

Customer reviews can give you a sense of how past and current clients feel about a company’s performance. At Red Rock Property Management, we proudly boast a rating of 4.8 on Google. We share many of these Google reviews on our website because we understand the need to trust a company is based on more than just their word alone.

Are you wondering what more of our clients are saying about us? Go see for yourself!

 3. How do they handle filling vacancies?

Your rental won’t be successful if there isn’t someone living in it. Sounds obvious, right? However, some management companies either lack the ability to quickly fill vacancies, or simply fail to do so. At Red Rock Property Management, we use industry leading software to market homes and ensure they are filled quickly. We never want you to miss out on maintaining your rental income, so we take every measure to make sure you have a reliable tenant. Which brings us to our next important question to ask.

4. How do they protect your property? (Be sure to ask how they screen tenants!)

As property managers, our highest priority is maintaining the condition of our clients’ rental properties. We want to ensure that your home is an appreciating asset for years to come! This starts with finding the best tenants who will take great care of your property. We accomplish this through effective screening practices that allow us to acquire excellent renters and keep the risk of late payments and evictions low. Second, we offer tenants our complete support so that they have a point of contact for any concerns or issues they may have with the unit. Third, we perform quarterly inspections to check that damages don’t go unaddressed.

We know that choosing a property manager is a big decision! Our goal is to help you filter through companies that are right (or wrong) for you with ease. Do you feel like Red Rock Property Management a good fit for you? Give us a call at 435-703-9946. We are excited to start working with you!

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