Common Questions

Please read through these FAQs to find answers to all of our most commonly asked questions! If you still need assistance, just reach out.
How do I see a property I am interested in?
A: To help you see the property, we provide a photo gallery of color photos  and property descriptions in our online marketing. Please refer to the "Before You Begin:" section to see the qualifying criteria to rent a property. If you feel you meet our qualifying criteria, please call our office to assist you in setting up a showing.
How much is the application fee?
A: $40. Each person over the age of 18 who will live in the property will need to submit a separate application. Please take note that all individuals in your group will need to apply before your applications will be considered.
Do I get my application fee back?
A: The application fee is a one-time, non-refundable payment of $40 that is used towards the time and resources we use to process your application.
How can I apply?
A: Applications are all accepted through our website! Select a property and click on “Apply Now” to start the application! Please refer to the "Before You Begin:" section prior to filling out your application. Don’t forget to read it carefully and thoroughly to ensure you understand all of the terms and include all of the necessary documents and information for your application to be considered complete.
Will a co-signer help my application?
A: A co-signer can help you income qualify if your income does not meet the 3 times the monthly rent requirement. Co-signers do not override rental history, credit history, a low credit score, or poor criminal background.
How much is the security deposit?
A: Usually, the security deposit is the same as the rent, and then there is a non-refundable deposit of $300 as a lease initiation fee. A higher security deposit may be required based on the property or your application not meeting some of our criteria.
Are all leases for 12 months?
A: Unless otherwise stated in the property listing, the length of lease we are looking for is 12 months. A shorter or longer lease term may sometimes be negotiated for an increase in monthly rent.
What are the required move-in funds if I am approved?
A: The funds required on your move-in date are a full month’s rent, your security deposit, and a $300 non-refundable deposit as a lease initiation fee. These funds will need to be certified funds (money order or cashier’s checks). On your move-in date, you will also need to bring proof of all utilities being set up in your name, as well as proof of renter’s insurance with Red Rock Property Management listed as an additional interested party.
Can I get internet and or cable services installed?
A: You are welcome to set up internet at any of our properties, but if a satellite dish or anything else that would make adjustments to the home is required, you MUST reach out to us in order to receive approval from the owners of the property. Any approved satellite dishes will need to be installed on a pole in the backyard (never on the roof or home) and be removed with repairs completed to return the structure to its original condition prior to your move-out.
For this reason, we do suggest going with companies that will not require property modifications.
How soon will I get my security deposit refund?
A: 25-30 days after move-out is the typical time it takes to get the security deposit back to you.
We process many of these each month and do them just as quickly as we can while making sure all billing and invoices are completely accurate for you!
Can I pay my rent online or set up for auto-pay?
A: Yes! When you move in, we will send you a link to your tenant portal. Through your tenant portal, you can make rent payments via e-check or credit card, and also set up auto-pay!
When can I pick up my keys?
A: You can pick up your keys on the assigned day of move-in at noon or later. If you have already given us your security deposit, lease initiation fee, and first month’s rent prior to your move in, you will still need to wait until noon on the date of move-in on the lease to pick up your keys, as we want to make sure everything is completely ready for you in your new home!
What are the required financial, credit, and rental requirements to apply?
A: We are looking for applications with great rental history and no evictions, positive credit reports, and a household income of 3 times the market rent price. We do run background checks as well as a full credit reports on all applications. Please refer to the "Before You Begin:" section prior to filling out your application.
Do you have a list of available rentals?
A: Yes. Click on the "Available Rentals" button in the top right corner of our page to see all current listings. It will show our most up-to-date, available properties, and there you can also filter by rent price, city, property size, pet-friendly or not, and more!
How much is the rent on this house?
A: All rent prices are listed on the property pages on our website.
How do I know if a property is pet-friendly?
A: Each property page on our website will indicate whether a property is pet-friendly or not.
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