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Red Rock Property Management

In an effort to provide rental property owners with an experience unlike anything else available in our market, we set out to develop a full-service property management company focused directly on the owner experience. We specialize in placing great tenants in each property, providing exceptional customer service to every client, and maintaining property condition to ensure our clients’ real estate investments are appreciating assets for years to come.
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Our Team

With the largest staff in Southern Utah, we're here to serve you!

Adam Legg
Matt Curtis
Allen Holland
Jenny Krispin
Melinda Desmond
Leasing Manager
Tera Mestuzzi
Leasing Coordinator
Kate Hegerhorst
Property Manager
Ana Niculescu
Lease Renewal Specialist
Noelle Merz
Leasing Coordinator
Dale Desmond
Business Development Manager
Brenda Wucherpfennig
Maintenance Coordinator
Jordan McNaughton
Commercial Property Manager
Kaylee Wood
Property Manager - Onboarding Specialist
Keaton Jorgensen
Maintenance Coordinator
Bruce Fink
Property Inspector
Jessica Heaton
Property Manager - Move Out Specialist
Nathan Adams
Property Inspector
Jason Trask
Chief Financial Officer
Brenda Potter
Accounting Specialist
Hannah Parker
Chief Strategy Officer
Katherine Chipman
Executive Assistant
Michael Egbert
Executive Assistant
Sarah Reader
Maintenance Coordinator
Paul Hoy
Property Inspector
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